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Project management


Project management

Enjoy beneficial support throughout your self-build project

The main benefits of our service

We can accompany you throughout your home construction (self-build) project on your property. We take care of planning, organizing, directing and controlling factors such as subcontractors, costs, schedules and quality, so that the work is completed according to regulations and good practice. Your projects mean as much to us as they mean to you!


“The main benefits of a self-build project undertaken in collaboration with us: substantial financial savings and peace of mind!”


The main benefits of our service


  1. No taxes on the price of the land

Just like with any self-build project, you won’t have to pay taxes on your land since it is financed and bought through your bank. For example, for a piece of land estimated at 0,000, the amount in tax savings would be ,970.


  1. No margin of profit to pay on the value of the land

We do not collect a margin of profit on the value of your land.


  1. Competitively priced management fees

We offer competitive management fees of 12% of the project’s value (instead of 15%).


  1. Major savings on labor and material costs

What’s more, by doing business with us, you can benefit from our preferential rates with our subcontractors. This represents savings in the range of 15% to 25% (and sometimes more) on the cost of labor and materials. The savings on these costs, as well as the preferential rate of 12% on the management fees, largely offset the price you pay. You’re sure to come out a winner!


  1. Peace of mind

Our experienced managers help you manage subcontractors and stay on schedule as well as within your budget. This support service guarantees your peace of mind.


  1. Transparency of related costs

Despite the intervention of our managers in the negotiation and coordination processes with subcontractors, you will pay bills directly to the latter. This allows for complete transparency regarding the costs related to your project.


  1. No margin of profit to pay on extras

Lastly, once the project is planned and accepted, we do not add any margin of profit to the billing of extras arising during the course of the project (contrary to standard construction projects).

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